Happy Holidays/Instructions



  • Inside

    The inside of this card gives step by step instructions for the person to read

    on how to read it. Including...

    #1 - Act like you're reading something personal I wrote in your holiday card.
    #2 - After a couple of seconds, laugh as though I wrote something very funny.

    #3 - Now nod your head as though I wrote something very serious and heartfelt.
    Maybe touch your heart and exhale, but don't make it look forced.
    #4 - Okay, now close the card, look at me and mouth the words, "thank you."

  • Dimensions
    5" X 7" (envelope included)
Current Stock:
  • Printed on recycled paper (of course)
  • Made in the USA
  • Written by Ian Kalman
  • Illustrated by Sean Farrell
  • Funnier than Hallmark