• #001 - Wrapping Paper
    CAPTION #1 - "I know. I know. I should have gone with the funny wrapping paper. Sorry.

CAPTION #2 - "Oh my God, why are you reading the wrapping paper?"

CAPTION #3 - "I'm not the gift. I'm the paper they wrapped around the gift, so you couldn't tell what it was ahead of time."

BGG Wrap (Double Sided)

    BGG Wrap (Double Sided)

  • #280
    Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends I mean age-wise, of course.

    One of My Oldest Friends

  • #279
    Happy Birthday to the most perfect person that has ever walked this earth I know you think I'm going to write

something sarcastic inside the card that undercuts

what is says on the front, but I'm not.

And do you know why?

Because it's so obviously sarcastic,
I shouldn't have to.

Happy Birthday.

    The Perfect Person

  • #277
    I didn't know what to get you for your birthday, so I got you a gift card. Well, I got you this card and it's your gift.
Wait...what does gift card mean?

    Gift Card

  • #275
    Big News! The Covid Years do not count.
You're actually two years younger
than you think you are. Happy Birthday!

    The Covid Years Don't Count

  • #272
    It was sooo hard to find a card that expressed exactly how I feel right now. Long story short, I gave up after a while
and I just got you this card.

    It Was Sooo Hard

  • #269
    How come you're not getting any older? No, seriously.
Why do you keep telling people you're
the same age you were 4 years ago?
It's weird.

    Not Getting Older?

  • #266
    You're not old, so please don't feel that way Shoot. I bought this card last year and forgot to give it to you. 
It made more sense at the time.
Last year really did a number on you.

    You're Not Old

  • #265
    Happy Birthday! 
It's Official! Congratulations!
You are officially too old to "die young."

    It's Official!

  • #276
    Happy Birthday to one of the biggest dicks I know. I actually bought this card
for an overweight guy named Richard,
but luckily it works for you too.
Happy Birthday.

    Happy Birthday Biggest Dick

  • #273
    Happy VD That stands for Happy Valentine's Day.
I didn't want you to think this card was 
announcing that I'm about to give you chlamydia.

    Happy VD

  • #274
    Happy Holidays The inside of this card gives step by step instructions for the person to read

on how to read it. Including...

#1 - Act like you're reading something personal I wrote in your holiday card.
#2 - After a couple of seconds, laugh as though I wrote something very funny.

#3 - Now nod your head as though I wrote something very serious and heartfelt.
Maybe touch your heart and exhale, but don't make it look forced.
#4 - Okay, now close the card, look at me and mouth the words, "thank you."

    Happy Holidays/Instructions

  • #284
    Inflation Inflation


  • #263
    Thank you for being a friend. You sang the front, right? I knew you would. That's why I got you this card. And that's exactly why I've always considered you a pal and a confidant.

All kidding aside, if you didn't sing it, please give me the card back. I've made a terrible mistake.

    Thank You For Being a Friend

  • #282
    Can You Believe/Crap Sorry this card isn't more specific.
I bought a bunch of these and didn't want to commit to just one complaint.

    Can You Believe/Crap

  • #278
    Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. Your Name. I just had to get you this card.

It had your name written all over it.

    Your Name. Your Name.

  • #281
    I don't give a F*CK what your Wordle score is But how is everything else going? Good?

    Don't Care/Wordle

  • #268
    Happy Birthday to an amazing human being BAM! You just got Rick Rolled.
It's not even your birthday.
I can't believe. you fell for it.

    Fake Birthday Card (RR)

  • #264
    I know you're amazing. 
You know you're amazing. Who cares what literally everyone else
in the world probably thinks!

    I Know You're Amazing

  • #271
    Shit Happens! But that's good.
Because if it didn't happen,
we'd all weigh 400 pounds,
smell terrible and 
be super grumpy all the time.

    S#it Happens!

  • #270
    You're The Best! Not including me, of course.

    You're The Best!

  • #824
    I Know How You Feel I Know How You Feel

    I Know How You Feel

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