It Was Sooo Hard



  • Inside

    Long story short, I gave up after a while

    and I just got you this card.

  • Dimensions
    5" X 7" (envelope included)

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  • #269
    How come you're not getting any older? No, seriously.
Why do you keep telling people you're
the same age you were 4 years ago?
It's weird.

    Not Getting Older?

  • #266
    You're not old, so please don't feel that way Shoot. I bought this card last year and forgot to give it to you. 
It made more sense at the time.
Last year really did a number on you.

    You're Not Old

  • #263
    Thank you for being a friend. You sang the front, right? I knew you would. That's why I got you this card. And that's exactly why I've always considered you a pal and a confidant.

All kidding aside, if you didn't sing it, please give me the card back. I've made a terrible mistake.

    Thank You For Being a Friend

  • #280
    Happy Birthday to one of my oldest friends I mean age-wise, of course.

    One of My Oldest Friends