Happy New Year from Bald Guy Greetings!

11th Jan 2022

Happy New Year from Bald Guy Greetings!

Originally posted: January 11th, 2022

Hey everyone,

It’s Ian and Sean from Bald Guy Greetings.

First of all, we apologize for not posting our Happy New Year’s message until today, January 11 th, 2022.

We know a lot of you were probably thinking, “Does Bald Guy Greetings even care if we have a Happy New Year? Why haven’t they wished us one yet?”

Please rest assure that we do care. We care a great deal.

In fact, we probably care about your happiness and your 2022 more than anyone else does.

You know the companies I’m talking about.

The ones that just have their interns write their “Happy New Year” messages.

We hate to break it to you, but that email you got from J. Crew wasn’t really written by Jason Crew. It was probably written by some intern who gets paid in collared shirts and swim trunks.

That’s why we waited until January 11th to post our Happy New Year message.

We didn’t want our sincere “Happy New Year” wishes to get lost in the abundance of insincere corporate well wishes – like the one we got from our dentist’s office.

By the way, Dr. Stephenson, if you’re reading this, please tell Carol that her use of the phrases, “Teeth The Season” and “Molar Christmas” were good -- but they weren’t great.

Also, and this goes for all of you -- if you ever notice Bald Guy Greetings getting less funny, just let us know and we’ll fire everyone and hire funnier people.

The last thing we want to do is make mediocre cards.
We’re not sure how Hallmark has made peace with doing that for so long.

So have a Happy New Year, everyone!

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Baldly yours,
Ian (The Writer)


Sean (The Illustrator)


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