No Anniversary Card Excuse



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    The Bald Guy will call your significant other and tell them that you did order them an anniversary card.

    In fact, you ordered their anniversary card two months ago. 

    And when it didn't arrive in time -- you tracked down the phone number of the owner of Bald Guy Greetings and asked him/me to call and explain that you did get them a card.

    And that it's entirely his fault that the card wasn't mailed off in time. Not yours.

    The Bald Guy will take the blame for you and save your relationship. 

    PLEASE NOTE: If you order the phone call, don't forget to leave the person's name and phone number in the comments section so the Bald Guy can make the phone call.

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  • Forgot a Birthday Card?
    No Birthday Card Excuse

    No Birthday Card Excuse

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    Happy Birthday! Okay, I'm not sure if this will work, but try it.

 1) Act like you're reading something personal I wrote in your card.

2) After a couple of seconds, laugh as though I wrote something very funny.

In fact, tilt your head back when you laugh so it looks extremely funny.

3) Now nod your head as though i wrote something very serious and

heartfelt. Maybe touch your heart and exhale, but don't make it look forced.

4) Okay, now close the card, look at me and mouth the words, "Thank you."

    Happy Birthday/ Instructions

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    So Happy/Cheese (B) So Happy/Cheese (B)

    So Happy/Cheese (B)

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    I hope you like this card. 
I actually helped write it. Dear _________
Happy ________!!!
Love _________

    Any Occasion/Any Time

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    You Make Me Smile (B) You Make Me Smile (B)

    You Make Me Smile (B)