2023 - Logo Wrap (Double Sided)

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    CAPTION #1 - "Hey, what's up person who actually reads the wrapping paper before they open their gift?
    CAPTION #2 - "Please don't rip me. Someone who cares about you took the time to fold me gently around your gift."
    CAPTION #3 - "If the card that is taped to this wrapping paper isn't a Bald Guy Greeting -- please tear it up and throw it directly into the trash."

    CAPTION #4 - "Don't worry, I'm not the gift. No one got you a green shaped box with heads on it. I'm just the wrapping paper."



    Stop. You’re wrapping the gift wrong.


    This is so obviously the wrong side.


    Haven’t you ever seen wrapping paper before?


    It’s bright and colorful and it NEVER has long chunks of text all over it.


    So, let’s flip the paper over and get wrapping. Green side facing out.


    Yeah, the side with the bald guy and the text that’s trying to be funny,


    but maybe it’s falling just a little bit short.


    That’s the side you want facing out. It’s a pattern that repeats.


    That’s rule number one in the wrapping paper game.


    That’s how you cover a gift in paper.


    Just add some Scotch® tape and you’re good. It’s easy.


    And no, this isn’t an advertisement for Scotch® tape.


    Scotch® tape just happens to be the tape of choice for people all over the world.


    Okay, we’re getting off subject here, but the bottom line is you would have looked


    insane showing up with your gift wrapped with the words facing out.




    Actually…you know what? That might be a good way to see who the crazy people are.


    I mean, you see someone reading your incorrectly wrapped gift and you know they’re a little messed up in the head, right? Get a life, buddy. Why are you reading someone’s gift?


    Anyway, wrap it however you want. It’s your paper and we're totally out of line.


    We have no right telling you how to wrap your gift.




  • Dimensions
    20" x 29"

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